Petr Kratochvíl


He studied the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague (1974). He completed his degree by the thesis ‘Město jako kulturní fenomén – dějiny a současnost’ (City as a Cultural Phenomenon – history and present) in 1990. He reached his docent title in history of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) in 2009. He’s got a job at the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences and at the same time he teaches the history of modern architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Liberec.

His significant activities resulted in a number of published books and texts in magazines of architecture, art, and history. Among his recently issued books are: Současná česká architektura a její témata (Contemporary Czech Architecture and its themes) (Prague 2011) or Dějiny zemí koruny české – Architektura (History of the Czech Crown Lands – Architecture) editor and co-author (Prague 2008). He was a curator of several exhibitions in the Gallery of Jaroslav fragner in Prague e.g. Zelená (Green in 2008. He translates books about architecture. He was a member of the Academic Board of Czech Academy of Sciences (1993 – 2001) and a vice-chairman of the Academic Board (2001 – 2009). In 1998 – 2004 he was a member of Accreditation Commission of the Czech Republic.