Bilateral Artscape Island project is a continuation of the activity of Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in mapping overlaps of fine arts to architecture and landscape  of countries of donor states of the EEA Grants.




  • searching for approaches of utilization of contemporary art in the context of making accessible of exceptional sites on the territory of Iceland
  • making familiar with the tools that are used in projects implementation
  • making familiar with the experience of the partners in Iceland, compared with the experience gained in the project Artscape Norway


  • sensitive dialogue of art and landscape
  • culture versus nature, artistic interventions into the nature of matter
  • architecture as part of the art – as an artistic artefact – a new aesthetic function
  • architectural elements on the border between architecture and art with aesthetic quality
  • trip to arts and landscape – a different view of the countrysideReykjavik Art Museum,


Enriching of cultural landscape and public space through the promotion and implementation of unique artistic and architectural achievements that improve the quality of life not only for local communities but also foreign visitors.

Involvement of contemporary architecture and the visual arts to the development of contemporary post-industrial society to a modern and sustainable approach to the cultural landscape.

Site-specific installations created for a specific place, which work with the genius loci of the selected sites. It also includes small architecture objects, which make the landscape in Iceland accessible and have considerable aesthetic function in harmony with substance of the given place. Small architecture and art as a multiplier of local activities, cultural services and overall cultural, environmental and social sustainability.

International cooperation in the field of contemporary art and architecture in the development of the society, sharing of experience to the Czech cultural context.

Norwegian – Czech cooperation during the Artscape Norway project, which was also initiated by a bilateral project and met with great interest of both of professional and nonprofessional public.

For this reason, the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery would like to pursue the sustainability of the project and spread it on the current situation in other donor country, Iceland.

The cooperation with Icelandic leading institutions and leading architectural and landscape architecture studios has been already arranged.

Under this bilateral project at the Norway-Czech debate in the partner organization ROM there will be presented experience with project implementation including the screening of the movie Country of Frozen Expectations and with the participation of project partners and other Norwegian institutions whose activities were presented in the project, and in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Norway.

This debate should also outline further opportunities for cooperation e.g. within the international festival focused on landscape architecture – Landscape Festival Prague 2018.

The second part of this collaboration will be a debate that will take place in the first half of September in Pilsen, Czech Republic under the Landscape Festival Pilsen 2017 with the participation of experts from Iceland and Norway, where it will be possible to compare the pieces of experience of the two countries and to introduce them to their Czech colleagues and broader public and students.

At the invitation of the Icelandic partners there are prepared the bilateral meetings with representatives of other organizations who will introduce Czech partners to the situation in Iceland and provide supporting documents for the current situation in this area / architectural interventions, art in landscape and public space /.

The results will be presented on the website, including photographs and a short documentary film.



Seminar, lectures/
April 5

  • making familiar with the project partners and the outcome and impact of the project Artscape Norway to the Czech professional public
  • presentation of results from the workshop called Vítkov – landscape art
  • screening of a documentary film Country of Frozen Expectations
  • making familiar with the situation in the Czech Republic – Czech expert lectures
  • debate on future cooperation and sustainability of the project
    • ROM/ Henrik Minnasian, Jiří Havran
    • Norwegian Tourist Routes
    • Inghild Karlsen
    • KORO
    • Arstcape Nordland
    • Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera/ Petr Kratochvíl, Dan Merta





Research and documentary trip /
June 22 – 30



– meetings with partners
– discussions on the situation in Iceland, compared with Norway and the Czech Republic
– presentation of small architecture and contemporary art in Iceland
– visit architectural interventions in  Reykjavik, Keflavik and surroundings


institutions and partners/

The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland, Reykjavik Art Museum, Studio Granda


other institutions and localities/

Museum of Design and Applied Art, Torg í biðstöðu , Meanwhile projects, The Lighthouse Village
surroundings of Reykjavíku, Keflavík, Thorlakshofn, Háholt, Mosfellsbær


other destinations/

Borgarnes, Blonduos, Hofsós, Akureyri, Bifrost, Egilsstaðir + Eastern part of Iceland
Arborg, Laugarvatn, Nesjavellir



Reykjavík /

Iceland Nature /

Artscape /



International conference, debate/
Pilsen, Czech Republic
September 11


– Artscape Norway – presentation, reflexion, experience withing the project application
– presentation of work of the Norwegian studio Jarmund Vigsnaes Arkitekter
– presentation of the situation in Island
– representatives of Reykjavík Art Museum
– architecture studio Granda
– presentation of the situation in the Czech Republic
– experts from CRP. Kratochvíl, D. Merta, architecture studio Projektil, MCA


  • debate on possible cooperation in the future, finding the right tools at the presentation for the general public in the countries concerned
  • making familiar with the situation in Iceland and Norway in the context of the project
  • architectural and artistic interventions into public space and landscape /tools, support, public participation, participation in professional education, sustainability/





December 13, 2017
from 7pm in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery


Presentation of the Artscape Island international project.
Lecture by Dan Merta, related to the screening of photographs by Jiří Havran
and the official premiere of the documentary film Mediated Motion in the Lava Field (Jiří Straka + Dan Merta).



Reykjavík Art Museum
Studio Granda