about the project


beyond visual aspects of public space and landscape in Norway as inspiration for the Czech Republic

Project is financed by the EEA, 06 Cz program – cultural heritage and contemporary art, supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The project is held under the auspices of H. E. Siri Ellen Sletner, the Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prague.

An international project that through the medium of photography, documentary and video art presents visual aspects of art and fine architecture, which became part of the Norwegian landscape and public space.

– presentation of a unique approach of using of contemporary art in the context of access to exceptional sites in Norway
– photography as an intermediary and communication medium

sensitive dialogue of art and landscape
culture versus nature, artistic interventions into the mass of nature
architecture as part of the art .. as artistic artefact.. new aesthetic function
architectural elements on the border between architecture and art with aesthetic quality
pilgrimage for art and landscape – different view of the countryside
The Kingdom of Norway is developing a long-term care for its cultural landscape and public areas through the promotion and implementation of unique artistic and architectural achievements that improve the quality of life not only local communities but also foreign visitors in Norway. E.g. Norwegian tourist routes (NTO) is a project that has become a phenomenon in contemporary architecture, visual arts, and access to modern and sustainable approach to the cultural landscape and services. It is a site specific installation created for the specific location, which operates with a specific genius loci. It also includes small architecture, which is inspired by the Norwegian landscape and has considerable aesthetic function in harmony with nature of the site. The NTO became an impulse for local activities, cultural services and overall cultural, environmental and social sustainability. It represents a unique creative line:
“new relationships – new situation – new context – new story.”

aim of the project/
international cooperation in the framework of the use of contemporary art in the context of the development of society, transfer of experience to the Czech cultural context